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BDR Kickstart (APKS)
BDR Kickstart (APKS)
Sales Gauge has developed a tactical process that uses both eLearning and Web/live sessions for your BDR/SDR teams. The program includes A 90-minute eLearning kickstart module that teaches your BDRs/SDRs how to utilize content from campaigns...
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Sales Professional License Bundle (APSG9-SG)
Sales Professional License Bundle (APSG9-SG)

Sales Pro License Bundle: Access to all eLearning courses for 6 months. $399

A highly cost-effective option for all sales professionals, regardless of experience level.


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SG0-eLearning: Time Management (APSGO-SGTM)
SG0-eLearning: Time Management (APSGO-SGTM)
Every salesperson's success ultimately depends upon their ability to get the most out of the time available to them. This course is called Sales-Gauge Zero because it is the underlying skill that will provide an essential foundation for basic and...
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SG1-eLearning: Power Prospecting (PSG1-SGPP)
SG1-eLearning: Power Prospecting (PSG1-SGPP)
"Power Prospecting" shows you how publicly released corporate information can be the basis for an event-driven communication to prospective executives. We have all been stuck reaching out to only one person in a targeted organization and haven't...
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SG2-eLearning: Social Selling (PSG2-SGSS)
SG2-eLearning: Social Selling (PSG2-SGSS)
Sales Gauge Module SG2: Flexing Your Social Networking Muscle - NOTE: YOU MUST HAVE COMPLETED Sales Gauge 1 Power Prospecting to take SG2 A sales person who is able to properly leverage the information and communications tools of...
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SG3-eLearning: Story Selling (PSG3-SGRS)
SG3-eLearning: Story Selling (PSG3-SGRS)
Sales professionals are constantly looking for ways to differentiate themselves from the competition and handle objections. In this session, sales teams are exposed to powerful communication techniques like NLP, to use language that builds...
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SG5-eLearning: Negotiation and High Value Trades (PSG5-SGGG)
SG5-eLearning: Negotiation and High Value Trades (PSG5-SGGG)
NEGOTIATING WITH HIGH VALUE TRADES (HVT) One of the most important things a salesperson needs to know is where and in whom to invest their time and their money. Each individual’s goal is to ensure the prospect can buy into what you are...
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SG6-eLearning: Authoritative Closing (PSG6-SGAT)
SG6-eLearning: Authoritative Closing (PSG6-SGAT)
Salespeople need to understand the difference between effectively closing as opposed to simply closing. "Authoritative Closing" focuses on the meaning of the acronym WAR and what each member of your sales team needs to do to close the deal....
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SG8-eLearning: Sales Management (PSG8-SGSM)
SG8-eLearning: Sales Management (PSG8-SGSM)
Sales leadership & management is the one area in an organization that has to be successful for good performance. It is the engine that drives the team, yet it often gets the least focus in training initiatives. Today's sales manager requires...
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PT05 - Team Package 1 to 5 (PT05)
PT05 - Team Package 1 to 5 (PT05)
Perfect for small- to medium-sized companies. Team members can attend together or individually, as needed. Access to all eLearning courses for 6 months. $1,795 for 1-5 users NOTES: SalesTeam PT05 is a package of all Sales-Gauge...
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